asus 1080 ti ethereum oc settings
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Asus 1080 ti ethereum oc settings nba betting percentages

Asus 1080 ti ethereum oc settings

Previously I've had issues like this with older cards that needed a repaste, but I've repasted this one times and it already brought the temps way down. I played around with some more settings. Seems like the ASUS cards work totally differently than the rest, but at least it's not as awful as before. Click to expand If I restart the PC and start mining it works fine. Sometimes for good measure I run another instance of the pill. What I found is if I run some other application that wants to use the video card while it is mining, it drops like pill isn't there and never comes back unless I restart the computer.

What this fix does? Only Micron manufactures these memories and they have high bandwidth and speed. This has not helped in mining, since the memory timings does not match the algo. This fix re-arranges the timing so that these gddr5x memories get the correct timings and thus the hashrates increase to the level they should have set from the beginning. So now, especially the GTX and ti have gone from not-so-good to really good performance. There will be almost no increase in power-draw, neither should you see any jump up in temp.

Keep mining! Dude that's fucking awesome. Thanks for sharing this. I reverse engineered the application to check for malware, and from a glace I think it's OK. It's not trying to hide anything it's doing, all of the WinAPI functions are in the IAT, and it's not doing any kind of networking operations. However, there could be stuff hidden with date checks that are not apparent right now… It is calling GetSystemTimeAsFileTime, but this seems to be done for lockstep purposes.

From what I can tell, this is doing some kind of memory manipulation of the card, and to do this properly, it needs to keep time accurately.

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This must be left running or Phoenix will mining will have errors. This step is vital. Overclocking your GPU can damage or reduce the life, especially if you get carried away on the settings and use this at your own risk! There is no exact science on the settings because microchips vary in manufacturing. If you get a good one, many call it winning the silicon lottery!

I spent a lot of time testing various settings. I was able to get This can vary though! When I set my power to 74, performance degraded, so you must try different settings to tweak your GPU. The conventional profiles are laid out here, too. If wanting the most aggressive performance whilst jumping straight into games, this is the profile for you. Gaming Mode: This is the Strix default pre-set. My Profile: A quick select for your own predefined profiles, something we will be exploring shortly.

Game Booster: When performance is key, having anything unnecessary running in the background is frowned upon. This option allows us to automatically adjust Windows visual appearance for best performance, as well as turn off unnecessary Windows services that may be taking up resources. You can either run this independently, or install the regular Aura software to sync lighting with compatible hardware.

In addition, it can change GPU Tweak profiles on —the-fly. Having used Xsplit now for a week or so, I have no complaints. However, the snag is the free version limits recording to p and 30fps. Professional Mode: This is where the magic happens. Some of you may be familiar with the interface already and simply want to get down to the number crunching. Monitor: Here we can keep an eye on the state of things. For the first few hours, you might find you're looking to this window a great deal. By clicking the expand button, we can either discard items from the window we do not wish to use or rearrange them.

Logging is also available if you wish to look back over any of these statistics. The maximum clock at a set frequency will depend on our temperature and power settings. This means that the frequency we see under our applied offset is almost certainly not what we will see under load. At stock, expect closer to MHz on the Strix.

Far higher than the touted boost specs. GPU Voltage: On Pascal, voltage increase is expressed on a percent scale based on multiple voltage points. By default, the upper voltage points are locked. Once we increase the voltage offset, we unlock these upper voltage points, giving us some additional headroom. Pascal does not respond particularly well to voltage in terms of obtainable clocks, however, once we increase core speeds certain heavier scenarios may induce a voltage limit.

This means GPU Boost 3. Obligatory disclaimers with overclocking apply here, although there are throttling and amperage measures in place, one still needs to be aware that overclocking voids your warranty. Memory Clock: This controls the offset for the memory clock. My sample can achieve MHz. Memory bandwidth can have more impact when using heavy anti-aliasing techniques and higher resolutions, however, best not to forget that core frequency is still king.

Memory related instability will normally manifest in an application or system hang. Fan Speed: Automatic or manual control of the Wing Blade fans. The default profile keeps the GPU cool even when overclocking. I've yet to see the card exceed 70C. That said, if cool as possible is the name of the game , we can set a fixed fan-speed or adjust the curve. Noise levels are entirely subjective, and the Strix is no different. You must see what works best for you.

Power Target: This allows us to increase the maximum power draw. Even if not looking to overclock the card, simply increasing the power target can net some additional performance. You will hit the power limit on the Ti long before hitting a thermal one thanks to the Strix cooler - even when not overclocked.

FPS Target: No real introduction needed. With this set, the card will limit itself to the desired frame rate. Doing so can reduce temperature, and as a direct result help GPU Boost 3. With the Strix cooler, load temps generally fall between c under load with 21C ambient temps , which is well within the safe zone.

Pascal also responds well to lower temperatures: Attachment With a quick adjust of the fan curve, we can shave 10c off GPU core temperatures. Better still, with a good water-cooling loop in tandem with an EK water block, we can keep things under 35C. The benefits of doing so can be seen in the benchmarks above temperatures taken from The Division Benchmark. Finding the limits Should go without saying, but test the GPU at stock settings before you start overclocking, to make sure everything is in order, and to gauge system performance.

CPU and memory stability if overclocking should also be in check. Once we start testing the card, if any crashing occurs, we can back off the offset by MHz each time. No harm will come to the GPU; the driver will simply recover and we can try again.

1080 ti ethereum oc settings asus cryptocurrency graphs 2022

Gtx 1080 Ti palit gamerock maining, overclocking settings, temperature. Ethereum !

I got my hands on a Asus GTX TI Strix ( MHz OC version) and after a bit of tweaking with Afterburner I was able to get it to hash Mh/s stable. Current settings: 55% Power . Feb 26,  · Here are the can mining settings of Ethereum Classic, Ravencoin, Ergo, Flux, Firo, Neoxa, Conflux, Kaspa, Aeternity, Alephium, Ethereum POW, Ethereum Fair, . Aug 06,  · Community decides which overclocking profiles are good. If you have tested the profile settings on your rig and everything seems to work, click on “Useful”, otherwise – click .