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Bob martin td direct investing

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Dividend Reinvestment Plan DRIP Reinvesting dividends received through the purchase of additional securities is an excellent way for shareholders to build wealth over time. TD Direct Investing makes it possible to purchase additional shares or mutual funds automatically using the cash dividends earned on the underlying securities.

Several online brokers, including Virtual Brokers , have taken advantage of recent years to innovate in this area. Unfortunately, once again, the client must proceed by calling them. You can even create a list of analysts to follow and view their profiles. Projected Revenue Tool This feature allows you to see the income generated by your investments based on the history of dividends received and receivable.

Scotia iTrade offers a similar feature, and in both cases, it is very well done! Does TD Direct Investing have any weaknesses? For all its good qualities, the platform also has some shortcomings that are worth noting. An average fee schedule The overall pricing charged to the user is not the most advantageous. The fee schedule is discussed in the following section and is in line with what the major Canadian banks offer. TD Direct Investing clients often have to pick up the phone to complete a transaction or ask a question.

As a result, there are no chat options available on the platform at this time. What are the fees associated with using TD Direct Investing? This commission rate is in line with what is typically offered by online brokers affiliated with the major Canadian banks.

Please note that no ETFs are offered without a commission fee when you buy or sell. On another note, the current fee schedule states that no commissions are applicable to the purchase, sale or exchange of mutual funds. Redemption fees may apply. As with most competitors except Wealthsimple Trade , there is an inactivity fee in certain circumstances.

The same applies if you are in the first six months of opening your first household account. An elegant website and an avalanche of relevant information about investing in the stock market : this is a safe bet. However, at the moment, we have the impression that TD Direct Investing is missing the mark on two criteria that are of great importance to the independent investor: simplicity of communication and a low rate for trading.

In terms of customer service, however, TD Direct Investing has recently made technological improvements to the platform, expanded the client-facing teams and deployed more self-service support resources on the website. When asked about this, a spokesperson for the institution confirmed that rates are regularly reviewed in an effort to remain competitive, but that TD Direct Investing has no announcements to make at this time.

However, novice and experienced investors who are able to overlook these two concerns have the opportunity to trade on one of the most sophisticated platforms in the market. The platform and interface are excellent. The charting is excellent, you can check your performance since inception, you can check it YTD, or do 1 year, 3 year, or 5 year returns. You can also compare your returns to benchmark indexes of your choosing.

It even breaks down your asset allocation for you and shares it in a nice clean graph. When you look at stock quotes, they are full of information too. Finally, TD Direct Investing has a feature called TD Goals where you can sign up to set up your investment and money goals and figure our actionable ways to achieve them, and best of all track your progress. The other downside though I think shared with many other online brokerages these days is the long wait times to speak to a customer service representative— think hours.

Other than that, the platform that you have access to, the research tools, and amazing charts are excellent. Like, what more could you want as an investor? The user experience when you log into TD Webbroker is second to none. This is because I use the dollar cost averaging approach to investing ETFs. As mentioned, I use Questrade as my main brokerage.

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