gta san andreas horse betting trick
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Gta san andreas horse betting trick ripple cryptocurrency value chart

Gta san andreas horse betting trick

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This forum discussion has been compiled into the Inside Track page General The quickest way to earn lots of money in GTA: San Andreas is to save the game then go gamble your life savings at one of the betting shops. If you lose, re-load the game and go bet on the same horse again.

Repeat the process until you can afford all the clothes, guns and houses you want. It should only take 4 or 5 visits. A slower way, but also effective, is the roulette table in the casinos. For those who can't find the area on the map, it's at the very top of Los Santos in the centre. Beneath the giant intersection is the entrance to Inside Track: a betting venue that lets you gamble money on horse races.

Loading Play Betting money on horses is a difficult mini-game to win in San Andreas. There are five horses, each with a random chance to win, so the odds that CJ will get his money back are low. Luckily, your save game means you won't lose a single cent. Head into Inside Track and put down the max amount of cash on any horse. If you win, head back to the nearest save point and log your progress.

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GTA San Andreas: BEST way to make money [Horse Betting MAX Earnings]

Jun 17,  · Gta Sa Horse Betting Trick Sabtu, 17 Juni Logo of inside track in gta san andreas. inside track is an horse races, and two inside track betting trick. by smart utilization . Oct 24,  · There is a really useful trick to use in GTA San Andreas. Players need to save before they can try horse betting. In that regard, the Jefferson safehouse is a great place to save.