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Covers sports betting ncaa football understanding betting lines baseball playoffs

Covers sports betting ncaa football

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For example, instead of betting Boston University , Penn State University , Ohio State or Oregon , you could combine all four of those lines into one parlay to drive up your payout without forking over a ransom as your initial investments. Even in this scenario, you're not looking at a 3-to-1 payout or anything crazy like that. But you're getting closer, if not exceeding, even money when you package four or more heavy-favorite moneylines together.

That should always be the goal. These inquiries include: What's Alabama's margin of victory at home? Is either team working off a loss? One potential hangup here is the lack of repeat matchups between the same teams. College football traffics in an even smaller scarcity of games than the NFL, which means the same schools aren't facing each other more than once during the regular season. That forces you to base decisions off information that isn't related directly to the matchup, which can as always, be a little risky.

Betting with TV Analysts There are even gamblers who just go with the national analyst consensus. They watch college football programs on television, listen to what on-screen personalities have to say, and build their bets from there. This is However, paid experts do tend to be pretty good at forecasting outright winners and could, therefore, be used as a semi-dependable source when betting moneylines.

The Intuitive Bettor And then, finally, there are college football enthusiasts who trust their own intuition. They watch the games. They study the stats. They look at track records. They consider the environment and the stakes and then go from there. This strategy entails a lot of leg work and is entirely subjective. Picks suddenly come down to a matter of preference, and decisions will be made on the nuts and bolts of a team's play style.

If you like run-heavy attacks over pass-heavy machines, then you'll be more inclined to roll with the former when two such offenses collide. It's Your Decision Really, when it comes to betting strategies, there's not a wrong answer. The on-screen analyst approach is admittedly flimsy. It's all about finding the approach that makes you most comfortable. Chief among the circumstances that should factor into your decision would be your preferred wager types futures, spreads, moneylines, etc.

High rollers will favor one strategy over another. Ditto for those who prefer futures to single-game gambles. The competition is generally higher and equally important, they're dealing with an influx of public action. Bowl games bring out the one-off NCAA bettors—those who wager on games only once or twice a year. Accounting for that extra attention is paramount. Lines are prone to wilder swings when they open because the action is so fast and furious.

If you're going to bet on bowl games, you should do so either immediately upon opening or a few days after they're released, once the turbulent odds swings have settled down. There are no exceptions to this rule. Not every bowl game is created equally, but they're all subjected to the same level of heightened attention. With that said, these are the most popular bowl games right now, which means they're the ones that will demand the most commitment to proper timing.

It is considered one of the six major bowl games—also known as the New Year's Six—and is subsequently a member of the college football playoff on a rotating basis. It will once again be a playoff semifinal in and then again in Sugar Bowl First played in , the Sugar Bowl is college football's second-oldest bowl game.

It is also a member of the New Year's Six, which means it makes up one of the two college football playoff games every three years. All Sugar Bowl games are currently held in New Orleans. Orange Bowl Much like the Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl first kicked off in the s, making it one of college football's three oldest season finales.

As another member of the New Year's Six, it will count as one of the two college football playoff games every three years. Games are presently played in Miami Gardens, Florida, usually just before or after the turn of the calendar. It is also a part of the college football playoff six, so it has a say in shaping the National Championship participants every three years.

It's semifinals schedule is aligned with the Peach Bowl, so during those years, the winner of the Fiesta Bowl squares off against the winner of the former for all college football's marbles. Cotton Bowl Yet another end-of-the-year game that began in the s, the Cotton Bowl is the fifth of our five college football playoff-eligible tilts.

It registers as a semifinals match-up every three years, and its games are played in Arlington, Texas. The Rose Bowl is the eldest of the bowl games, having started in It continues to be played in Pasadena, California, and will, like its sister bowls, count towards the college football playoff every three years. In the seasons it does not, the Rose Bowl usually features a showdown between the conference champions from the Pac and Big 10—unless either qualifies for the playoff themselves.

Celebration Bowl On to the second-tier bowl games! The Celebration Bowl holds a special place in the heart of non-powerhouses. As of now, it's the only bowl game that chooses its participants, on a varying basis, from conferences that aren't part of the college football playoff pool. However, the parameters of its participants have changed since then. As the powerhouse pool in the Pac and Big 10 has increased, the Holiday Bowl has become another head-to-head for teams from the two conferences—though, again, neither will be their division's champion.

Initially, it accepted participants from conferences all over. Now, however, it pulls one team apiece from the SEC and Big Alamo Bowl First played in , the Alamo Bowl quickly became an annual meeting for teams from the Pac and Big It broke away from this format for a little while in the mids in favor of a Big 12 vs.

Big 10 format, but it returned to its original structure in Outback Bowl The Outback Bowl is a billboard for tradition. It was first played in and has yet to move locations or change the participation pool. Army-Navy This is self-explanatory. The Army-Navy Game isn't so much a bowl matchup as a storied affair. No prize pool is involved, but the winner does receive the Secretary's Trophy—in addition to an entire year's worth of bragging rights over its arch-rival.

Futures Single-game wagers are the most popular type of college football betting. Does that also mean those wagers are the most profitable? Not necessarily. There are more games than futures to bet on per team, but they're seldom lucrative. The easiest type of bet out there, WagerTalk offers free college football moneyline picks, including some tasty underdog potential wins!

Free College Football Prop Picks NCAA football free prop picks can offer amazing value and a potential to win with bets you would not have considered otherwise. As props rely on the performance of one player, our handicappers dig deep into each game to find a player vs player matchup that can give you a win on a player prop. Wagertalk pores through these matchups and finds these lopsided player prop possibilities — and shares them with you free.

Looking for a pick on Appalachian State vs. James Madison? Our experts thoroughly research off the beaten path teams for great betting opportunities — your hot pick of the day might just be something you never considered betting on! Now that you claimed your free NCAAF picks, now you need to find the sportsbook that fits your needs! Check out our sportsbook bonuses and get betting!

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