better place israel office furniture
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Better place israel office furniture

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I would not hesitate to do business with your company again. If all the companies I did business with were as thoughtful, helpful, and considerate as you, the world would be a better place and I would be less of a grouch! We love it more in person than we did in the picture. Thank you so much for all of your work in getting it to us. Now, we can have a conference! Your customer service is amazing. The desk and credenza look great!

You did an excellent job from order to delivery and I will not hesitate to use you again and recommend you to colleagues. It is much appreciated as it is hard to find a company that is so devoted to customer service. I will recommend your company not only to family and friends but also to the company I work for. Thank you again. Because of your service on this order, even though it didn't work out perfectly. I appreciate all of your updates and your help.

I am pretty picky with things, and when I find the right stuff it feels great. If I need anything in the future you will be my first call. You are an excellent reflection of your company's ethics and business policy. You should be recognized for the standard you exhibit.

Thank you. I was hesitant about originally buying because of the lack of reviews on major online sites, but once I got the ball rolling I was glad that I did. It was betting that the electric-powered vehicles would prove attractive based on cheaper cost, comparable acceleration, similar speeds, and environmental advantages over conventional gas-guzzlers. It also touted partnerships developing in France and the US, harboring particular hopes of an electric car revolution pushed by the Obama administration.

However, Better Place had sold barely 2, vehicles. According to its agreement with Renault, the company was supposed to sell , by the end of — and was subject to major fines and penalties if it did not. Yifa Yaakov and David Shamah contributed to this report.

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